We do that

What do they do?

  Traditional Public Relations:  Yes, we are PR Generalists who are fully equipped to create, distribute and place all forms of press materials (written and video), or create publicity events to get your brand, product or your client, tons of coverage through traditional “earned” media outlets. Free Air and Ink is Good!

Media Tours:  Our award-winning agency, designs, develops, produces and delivers superior Satellite, Radio, Internet (Social Media), and Intra-market media tours.  Domestically, internationally, and soon, through a planned partnership with Space X… (Only kidding!)

Social Media:  We do it all.  Content creation (text and video), strategy development, and distribution and placement of actionable “owned”, “earned” and “paid/sponsored” story-telling that ENGAGE AND MOVE AUDIENCES FORWARD.  SEO boosting and analytics are also available. Social Butterflies are Free!

Webcasting:  We produce “live” and recorded webcasts from remote or studio locations held from medical meetings, conferences, conventions and corporations.  We offer multi-camera productions with video enhancements, landing/splash page development, and “live” Q&A features with usage/viewership reporting.  We also handle additional distribution through “live” and post-event Social Media Channels.  Web Spin Doctors Have More Fun!

Public Service Announcements:  From ideation, script development, directing, field and post-production, to full distribution/placement of Television and Radio public service announcements, we’ve got you covered… with full usage reporting.  Hello?  Is Anybody Out There?”

Advertising:  We’ve created and produced memorable and motivating video and radio PSAs/commercials, and placed them via traditional and non-traditional in-house media planning and buying activities.  (Print, Radio, Television, Movie theaters, Pharmacies, Supermarkets, Sporting Venue Jumbo-Trons and event attendee program books, and more!)  Box? What Box?

Documentaries (feature length and mini-docs):  We help you generate the idea; we develop the script, shoot, direct, and produce the deliverable.  Perfect!

Corporate Video Production:  We offer full-service production of sales, instructional, internal, and external High-Definition video programs.  Nice!

Message Training:  We’ve trained government health officials, non-profits, corporate spokespeople, celebrities, key opinion leaders, and “regular” people. All, on the art of effective interview message delivery.  Spot On!