Who are these People?

Russell Cheek

Creative Director and Grand Master of all things Good.

Russell is a public relations/marketing “generalist” who’s worked on scores of FDA approvals, helped to introduce numerous pharmaceutical treatments, and conducted publicity and disease awareness efforts on behalf of major pharma companies and government and non-profit health organizations both domestically and internationally. He has decades of experience helping Fortune 500 consumer product companies/retail brands develop and execute strategic product launches, announcements, and national and international publicity events.  In addition to handling RCM’s digital video production assets, Russell develops and produces public service announcements, commercial and radio promotions activities.  Bammm!

Marie Mascola

Executive Vice President Digital Assets, Media Relations, and Events Planning.

Marie is a seasoned marketing communications veteran who has supported the launches of major pharmaceutical companies, and helped with government and non-profit health organizations public relations and publicity efforts, as well as planned and executed logistically-complex “live” meeting events on behalf of many pharma and consumer products companies and brands. Marie offers clients strategic counsel and oversees RCM’s network of media relations specialists, webcast and publicity event planning partners, video production units, and new media “social and anti-social” gurus.  Sweet!

Once upon a time, a long, long, time ago, Marie and Russell, both Marketing Communications executives (who had worked for large Global firms for years) set out on a mission that had three distinctive mission objectives:
To immediately stop working for big, Global PR/Marketing Agencies so we could do our jobs with greater creative control and without dealing with multiple layers of bureaucratic overseers.  So we could enjoy a better “work-life balance.”  You know, spend more time with our dogs, hang out at the beach more frequently, and be able to take nice, long, golf vacations, while always remaining accessible to our clients at all times.
 To combine our talents and expertise and create a full-service Marketing Communications Agency that would abandon the traditional “bureaucratic model” that permeates big agencies, and provide “principal-level” attention that would give clients immediate and ongoing access to senior-level talent and expertise that they might not easily find elsewhere.
To constantly and consistently innovate and evolve by embracing new, cutting-edge technologies that would enable us to more effectively create and deliver superior quality products and services. And that‘s exactly what we’ve been doing for, well, a really long time.