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Our directors of photography are the best in the field. When they’re not shooting for RCM, they’re shooting for Nat Geo, Discovery, ESPN, the Networks or some high-end Hollywood film production!

Our post production partners (digital video editors) work for little companies like Cinemax, Showtime and others… when they’re not working with us!

RCM’s Social Media Monkeys will swing from the trees to cut through all the jungle clutter and get your message out over the “Coconut Telegraph!”


RCM has directed and produced “live” and taped video, satellite, and/or webcast productions from more than 40 domestic locations and from international cities like Kigali (Rwanda), Barcelona, Copenhagen, Glasgow, Hyderabad (India), London, Prague and Zurich.


Simply put: “No” is not an option. In fact, the word “No” is not even in our vocabulary. There’s always a way to make something happen. If someone tells you “it can’t be done,” think again, and think of us.


“I’ve worked with RCM for a couple of decades on wildly-successful marketing programs like the U.S. debut of The One and Only Wonderbra, and other challenging projects for several consumer product brands. Their creative approach, problem-solving abilities, results focus, and desire for client satisfaction is what makes them my go-to company for these kinds of initiatives. They have the ability to make work that could have been stressful and tense downright fun!”   Ken Jacobs, ACC, CPC, Jacobs Consulting and Executive Coaching

“I’ve known and worked with RCM for more than two decades. They are consummate professionals and some of the most creative people I’ve ever worked with. They know how to get logistically complex projects done and how to achieve a client’s goals. And they’re always fun to work with!”
Simon Erskine Locke, Founder and CEO,CommunicationsMatch.com Former Head of U.S. Business Communications, Prudential Financial, Inc.